Your PAL: App Design

I started this section in January 2021 while I was in managed hotel quarantine in New Zealand. I decided to put together one design everyday (based on the Daily UI Challenge) and develop an app that complimented my UX project.

Your Purposeful Authentic Life (PAL) is a concept that was born out of research to help people live a purposeful authentic and joyful life. The research and background for this project can be found at

Day 1: Welcome page including login and sign up pages
Day 2: Credit Card payment screens along with immediate Thank you screens to validate payment receipts.
Day 3: Landing pages (various messages) encouraging people to become members of The PAL Team. The first two landing pages mainly encourage people interested in creating a unique life, the last one is longer and includes some of the key benefits of becoming a member. All these variations can be used to test and trial and see which one brings the best conversions and results. Close up shots of the three options are included below.

The clean clear and easy to navigate landing page
Option 3: While retaining the simplicity of the landing page this affords people a little bit of a “peek-inside” the membership area and the opportunities that they could access as a result!
Day 4: Calculator/Tracker. Since a calculator would not add value to my tribe, I decided to develop a tracker for them to get a clear visual of their progress. They could do this on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and if they were slipping, they could get back on track quickly.
Day 5: Design an app icon. What best represents the brand or product? Is it incredibly unique? Does it look great at a distance? Does it stand out when put it on your home screen alongside other apps?